A Prophetic Dream About Healthcare in the USA and a Teaching on the Lords Provision

Let me share another fantasy I had. Social insurance in the U.S. is truly going downslope quickly. Our administration protection program called Medicare is losing such a lot of cash that the legislature has chosen to reduce a ton of projects for the helpless that they  REQUEST A PROPHETIC WORD used to cover. What’s more, the repayments are going down so quickly that specialists would prefer not to deal with the poor any longer. It’s extremely miserable here and I had this fantasy.

I was at the nearby drug store holding up following individuals to get my medication solution filled. At the point when I got to the counter, I caught a lady conversing with the drug store expert and this was their discussion:

So I rehash the book of 2 Kings and it stated, when Elisha came the lady gave space to him, food, and whatever he required, even a work area and table so he could concentrate there too. Furthermore, Elisha asked her what is it he could accomplish for her. She didn’t answer anything.” “However Gehazi stated, “Well she has no child.” So Elisha advised her, “One year from now you will have a child.”

Also, I knew the appropriate response. The Lord gave her a Word. That Word of having a child, drove her to have him raised back to life just as the gift of getting every last bit of her lost home and land and cash. The Lord said to me, “When individuals appeal to me, they request cash, they request occupations, homes, recuperating. What’s more, I don’t generally give them the physical appearance of that demand yet I do give my Word. Also, my Word is the appropriate response because through my Word comes gifts upon endowments. At the point when individuals truly comprehend that it isn’t what you have that issues yet it is having my Word that issues, they would have the option to thrive quite a lot more.

So I currently comprehend that my riches and favors, my wellbeing, and my service have all originated from one basic Word. At the point when the Lord addressed me on Feb. 16, 2005, and said to me through a prophetess, EDMUND, I WANT YOU TO KNOW ME. That was the Word. That single word has presented to me the entirety of this and keeps on gift me. At the point when I ask and approach the Lord for things and that is all it truly is, simple things, the Lord favors me not on account of my confidence, not as a result of my working for the congregation but since of that single word. It’s astounding to me.